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TORNEOINARMATURA is an event which re-enacts a TOURNAMENT ON FOOT IN CLOSED FIELD in a time period between 1450 and 1480. Each delegation represents a Lordship or a family (either Italian or foreign).

The event is not to be considered just as a sports challenge, as it includes everything that revolves around it: not only the display of martial power by the man-at-arms in armour, but also of his wealth and that of his delegation through their clothes and accessories which were once a symbol of power of the family represented.
For this reason the delegations are asked to pay great attention also to their clothes and personal equipment.

In order to take part in the event, the delegation has to be composed of:
A Man-at-Arms with full armour which can be dated back to a historical period between 1450 and 1480, experienced in historical fencing.
A lady who will go with the Man-at-Arms during ceremonies.
A servant who will help the Man-at-Arms in the Tournament activities.
A Herald who will present the Man-at-Arms, his lady and his lordship.

Participation in the TOURNAMENT is limited and by invitation only. Participants are asked to pay a registration fee. The organizers will review each application and reserve the right to accept only those that meet the standards required by the event.

In order to apply for registration it must be made sure that any product, whether it is for personal use or shared – be it armour, clothing or equipment – is reproduced on the basis  of sound documentary sources (images, texts, artefacts ), complying with the aforementioned historical period.

Once the person has applied for registration, if the organization considers the applicant’s standards to be suitable, the applicant will receive the registration form with the official rules of the event as well as further details regarding his participation.

To apply or simply to receive further information, please send an email to:



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To apply or simply to receive further information, please send an email to: