Torneoinarmatura 2022
Scardavilla 15-16 October


Come and see which valiant family will win the tournament and will be awarded the prize and their lord’s respect. Noble families will be represented by their men-at-arms, who, rigged out in their best armour, will defy each other on the two days hosting the event.
Take a look at the rooms where the Tournament comes from, listen to the music offered by the lord of the castle and have fun with the jester.

First of All

This enclosed ARMOURED TOURNAMENT does not aim to be an end in itself, let alone a mere sports event. The goal is that of re-enacting a mid-/late fifteenth-century tournament on foot as accurately as possible. To avoid misunderstandings, the participants will be called MEN-AT-ARMS, a title which is historically appropriate to the role they will have.
for more info pelase visit the EVENT RULES page.

Participation in the event is BY INVITATION ONLY. To take part in the TOURNAMENT it is necessary to request the registration form and, therefore, be invited by the organizers.
For more info please visit REGISTRATION INFO page.

If you want to keep up to date with the event, please visit the TORNEOINARMATURA facebook page and this website.
For more information on the rules and the event, please contact the event organizers at the following email address:, on facebook at FAMALEONIS and TORNEOINARMATURA or by phone at (0039) 347 5107920 (also whatsapp).

How to partecipate?